Our Innovative Curriculum

Bright Angel Montessori Academy’s Curriculum

We strive to create an aesthetic and state-of-the-art setting that is conducive to your child’s learning. The innovative curriculum reflects a focus on the traditional Montessori content areas of language, mathematics, sensorial, and practical life:
  • Language activities range from naming ordinary objects to writing down observations, acting as a foundation for developing writing and reading skills.
  • Mathematics tasks involve learning to count and sort objects, experiencing the wonder of math from the quantitative to the numerical perspective.
  • Sensorial materials focus on exploration of geometric concepts such as diameter, size, and shape, increasing the practical understanding of our world.
  • Practical life experiences offer daily-living exercises that are designed to strengthen hand-eye coordination and motor skill development.
  • Culture and geography exposure introduces children to the rich diversity of the world in which we live, through celebrating holidays and seasons.
  • Art activities provide children with venues for self-expression, while studying the techniques and styles of various master artists and time periods.
  • Music & movement lessons give children early exposure to the performing arts, which has long been shown to have significant effects on intellectual development.
  • Spanish and Mandarin language is taught in a bilingual environment, with immersion activities involving the Spanish and Chinese cultures.
  • Mixed-age group classes offer a setting where children can learn naturally via peer observation, modeling, and role-reversal.
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