About Bright Angel


The teachers and staff at Bright Angel are dedicated towards fulfilling the academy’s mission:

To cultivate wisdom and respect in children from an early age, such that the love of learning and value of self and others continue to grow all throughout life.


Bright Angel Montessori Academy is passionate about providing a safe and supportive environment in which children’s inherent goodness and intelligence can shine through. As instructors, we work hard together with students to cultivate creativity and foster curiosity. We believe that it is crucial to instill values of respect by treating children with care and patience. Our expertise in the Montessori content reflects recognition that habits and skills developed in the Montessori classroom are valuable for a lifetime, allowing students to work efficiently, observe carefully, and concentrate effectively.

While nurturing the childhood capacity for embracing the present moment, we also actively encourage students to take on challenges within a structured environment. This style of teaching has shown to help children develop self-confidence and problem-solving skills. Students learn the importance of a positive, can-do attitude. At our school, we take great joy in using active and experiential approaches to foster freedom and responsibility.

Bright Angel Montessori Academy’s children are immersed in a diverse community from a young age, allowing them to appreciate different cultures and backgrounds. We value the importance of cross-cultural communication and respect for people from all walks of life. Our children graduate from our academy prepared to navigate the ever-changing complexity of today’s world.
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